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Zoeva Brush Essentials for your Make-up Base

Before trying any make up brushes from Zoeva, I had been loyal to those from Real Techniques: they were really accessible, affordable brushes that worked well. I was sold. Until…the moment I saw these beautiful brushes appearing on my twitter feed, in insta photos and blog posts, and I knew these were to become a game changer. Pretty to look at but also pretty awesome to use, they were labelled as “MAC brushes on a budget.” If these really were as good, if not better than MAC brushes for a fraction of the price, they were definitely going on my wish list.


I finally managed to get my hands on some Zoeva brushes last year when I had one of those “f**k it, I’m going to treat myself” moments and I ended up making an order for not one, not two but three sets of these brushes…it was my birthday after all and I thought if I can’t even treat myself for my own birthday, then what is life! With an extensive array of brushes on offer, browsing online became slightly overwhelming, meaning that initially I just couldn’t make my mind up. I eventually decided that as they are so affordable I could get a lot for my money so by buying a ton I can really try them out and figure out what works best for me.



The 102 Silk Finish is a soft buffing brush that’s incredibly easy for blending your foundation giving a silky, smooth finish to the skin – think the Real Techniques face expert brush, but better – sort of like a hybrid of their face expert brush and the buffing brush from their core collection. To apply concealer on a daily basis I use a beauty blender, but for any concealer touch ups throughout the day, I will use the 142 Concealer Buffer brush. It’s the perfect size for precision when concealing under the eye area meaning you can easily get to the inner corner, it allows me to cover any redness around my nose but also tackle individual blemishes if I have any breakouts. The 106 Powder brush is another Zoeva brush that I find myself reaching for over the Real Techniques equivalent, it’s again really soft and with only a few swipes of product, your make-up will be set for the day.


Now I’m not a huge contour kinda gal, I will only usually apply a light contour as I am fairly pale-skinned, so my preferred brush of choice for this is the 127 Luxe Sheer Cheek. It’s soft and fluffy allowing you to apply a light dusting of bronzer around the outside of the face giving a subtle warmth to your skin tone. If you are looking for a more structured brush for a more defined contour then the 109 Luxe Face Paint will be perfect for this for precision under the cheekbones. The 105 Luxe Highlight I have found to be great for both highlighter and blush, the tapered shape allows you to apply product directly onto your cheekbones and apples of your cheeks for some added definition.