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Trend Watch: Multi-Masking with L’Oreal

This product definitely seems to be leading the trend that is multi-masking, so I’m sure by now you will have heard about this product as it is all the hype at the moment. Any product that is subject to a lot of hype always leaves me with the big question…is it actually worth it? But usually curiosity always gets the better of me and I find myself handing over my credit card and trying it out for myself anyway. That being said, I had actually been eagerly awaiting the release date of this product, already having high hopes for it before all the hype kicked in. Similarly with the L’Oreal Clay haircare range, that too got a lot of hype at the time, but I ended up loving the product and still use it religiously now. So this was always going to be a product that I was going to try regardless of any hype, especially as I have been on the hunt for a new face mask to try for months now. Without further ado, I should probably quit the rambling and explain all about my new loves.



These L’Oreal Pure Clay Face Masks are yet another beautiful product offering from the brand, giving us a skincare treatment at an affordable price, yet catering for all our skins needs. Even though our skin can be labelled as a certain type, that doesn’t mean we aren’t subject to more than one problem, and multiple problem areas. These face masks mark the goodbye to being defined by a label and saying hello to multi-masking. With three different masks in the collection, each are designed to target a specific problem area: the purity mask is going to mattify, the glow mask is going to brighten and the detox mask is going to do just that, detox and remove any toxins.


The masks are formulated with a base of three natural clays to help treat the skin: Koalin, to absorb impurities; Montmorillonite to help eliminate imperfections; Ghassoul, to aid in clarifying the complexion. To target their specific problem area they are each infused with a special ingredient: the purity mask includes Eucalyptus; the glow mask contains Red Algae and the detox mask includes Charcoal. If you don’t want that feeling of “I can’t move my face,” then the Glow Mask is for you as it contains exfoliating particles and a formula that doesn’t dry down and set. They are scented too by nature as they each contain slightly different ingredients and formulations, but all smelling equally as therapeutic.



A little stubborn to remove but once you do they are going to leave your skin feeling soft, smooth and refreshed. They can be used individually but the beauty of these is that they are designed for multi-tasking in mind, allowing you to use all three at once in the areas you need. So no need to struggle to decide which one to buy, you can take all three and mix and match accordingly. I like to use the glow mask on my cheeks to brighten, the purity mask over my t-zone to mattify and the detox mask on my chin area to avoid any breakouts. They are priced at just £7.99, but currently on offer at £5 in Boots, making these a budget beauty must-have in my opinion. Snap them up whilst you can!