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The Wah London Manicure

For the past few years now whenever I have been in London, I have wanted to book a manicure at Wah London as they have a salon in the Oxford Circus Topshop…but I just haven’t gotten round to doing it yet. Having seen that they have released their own nail polish collection that is available at the drugstore in Boots, my thinking was that I had more chance of owning a couple of their nail polishes way before I ever remembered to book an appointment at their salon for the next time I am in London. So having had them on my wish list for a while now I finally purchased some nail polishes and got a pretty sweet deal…


Having seen the Wah London Ultimate Nail Kit for £85 in Boots over the Christmas period, I am so glad I waited to purchase it as it was reduced to just £25! The set is a DIY nail art manicure set including all the tools you need: 4 Nail Art Pens, 3 Tutorials, 2 Pots of Gems, Nail File, Nail Buffer, Nail Scissors (although I don’t rate these at all), Cuticle Pusher, Clean up Brush, and 8 Full Size Nail Polishes, including a Top Coat!



If all the items would have been purchased separately, the cost would have exceeded £100 – This is such a great value for money kit. Whilst I haven’t yet tried one of the nail art tutorials, over the past few weeks I have been trying out the nail polishes to test their pigmentation and longevity.


My go to nail polishes are usually the Maybelline 7 Day Gel Nail polishes, which do live up to the 7 day claim, so I wasn’t expecting the Wah London polishes to last for this long. However I was mighty surprised by their longevity, they lasted for 3 days before minor chips and I didn’t see any major chips until Day 5 – for me that is impressive. The first coat applies very patchy and pale which to start with made me think I was going to need 3 coats. However, a second is all it needs as the colour turns completely opaque at this point.


The Wah London product lines also include Press-On Nails and Trend Kits to help you create a nail art look. Now that I have tried their nail polishes, I definitely want to try more from the collection…and someday I will manage to get to the Wah London salon! Have you tried these nail polishes? Or even had a manicure at their salon? Let me know what you thought?