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The Must Have App to Improve your Instagram

Disclaimer: In collaboration with Unum. All thoughts and opinions are completely my own. Unum interviewed me as part of their ‘Meet the Insta’ blog feature.


One valuable lesson to note in this industry: always listen to your audience. Your consumers are the ones that know your product or service better than everyone. They experience it every time they come into contact with your brand. The team over at VSCO should know this and really should have known better when it came to their latest update to their app. Prior to their update, VSCO has somewhat become the go-to app for planning the look and feel of your Instagram grid. It’s funny how the world changes, we are now living in a digital world where there is a need for an Instagram grid planning tool. Crazy times, ey?! VSCO started out really as just another editing tool for your photos but had a useful functionality where you could upload photos into your own private personal space on their app. It was presented in a grid-style format, therefore becoming used by many as a way of previewing what a photo would look like next to all their other Instagram photos before actually publishing it live for all the world to see. After all, there’s nothing worse than publishing something on social media, then finding you have to delete it whether it’s due to a typo or too much filter. It’s never fun. You just hope and pray no-one saw. However, with just one single change, it seems VSCO have kinda signed, sealed and delivered their own death. They changed the one feature that made that app useful. They changed the grid-style format. Who does that? Listen to your consumers. It has been a change that has angered so many on social media and as soon as I saw the change, I deleted the app and haven’t looked back since. So what have I been using since? Hello Unum.



Unum Design Tool is an app specifically for improving the look and feel of your Instagram feed, just like VSCO, with the ability to edit photos and preview them in a grid. It is free to download from the app store (only available for Apple users atm, but coming soon to Android) and allows you to import your already existing Instagram feed in, something that VSCO could never do. So all of your already published photos appear in the app for you to see straight away, making it easier for you to compare new photos with those you already have. That was my one gripe with VSCO is that it didn’t sync with your Insta feed, everything was a manual task. One thing I will just mention here is that when you import a new photo to Unum it doesn’t import next to your last photo published to Instagram, it instead sits on the row above. It’s a little inconvenient but I hear this functionality will be coming in an update very soon. Aside from that, I find that this app works much better than VSCO ever did.  You also have the ability to re-arrange unpublished photos in Unum by using drag and drop, making it easier to try out different arrangements for organising future posts. Another cool feature that I like is that with each and every photo you add to the app, you can actually pre-write a caption which will then be automatically copied when you tell the app to open up Instagram for you. Then you can conveniently paste in your caption and hit publish on your photo — such a faster and smarter way to Instagram. It truly is an organisers dream and has definitely made me want to step up my Instagram game!