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The Colourpop Products you Need to Try and the Shipping Process

Colourpop finally went international. So having spent a small fortune, two (very large) deliveries later (one thankfully escaped the hands of those in customs), I have spent pretty much the rest of the summer in my beauty room, buried underneath a ton of products and packaging.






Colourpop is a millennial success story proving that you can build a successful brand in todays world by simply using the powerful tool that is social media. For a brand that is just a couple of years old their success is impressive. Colourpop was once upon a time this somewhat mysterious brand with nothing more than an online site and an Instagram account, leaving many to doubt its existence and authenticity. They quickly found their success by finding themselves as the hot topic of Youtubers such as Kathleen Lights, who by the way has a pretty impressive collection of Colourpop products herself (which now I can see why), eventually leading to the now infamous ‘Lumiere’ collaboration between the two.


If you were late to the Colourpop party however, then you will most likely have heard of the brand when they were mentioned in the same sentence as the Kylie Lip Kits (FYI…both brands make their products in the same warehouse). The talk of the town were that the lip kits were simply repackaged Colourpop products being sold with a very high margin of profit by Kylie herself. Colourpop then became known as the brand of “dupes” with their crazy cheap prices but high quality products.




3 Reasons to Shop Colourpop


When it comes to price, you just don’t really get any better than this considering that the products still retain such high quality. Eyeshadows are $5, Liquid Lipsticks $6, and Blushers, Bronzers, Highlighters are $8. It’s a pretty great deal. If you sign up to their newsletter you can even get $5 off, which doesn’t usually seem like a lot, but here it’s a free eyeshadow!


Shade range
Whilst glitter and anything bright and bold is at the heart of the brand, they also house everything in-between too, so there is something for everyone. As well as the extensive shade range, Colourpop products come in an array of finishes too – matte, shimmers, pearlised, metallics, glossy, and their newest lip formula, matte x.


For products that are so affordable they definitely do not compromise on the quality…the pigmentation of every single product is unreal, we are talking just one swipe! To catch a glimpse of their products close up, definitely add Colourpop on Snapchat as the girls there are constantly swatching everything – let me tell you, the swatches speak for themselves. As the saying goes, the proof is in the pudding. No matter the product, or formula, you will definitely be impressed. Worth a try, right?




The UK Shipping Process


There was only ever one problem with Colourpop: they didn’t ship internationally. Fast forward to the summer of 2016 and they finally launched international shipping. The international shipping cost is based on two factors: Where you live and how much your order weighs.


Shipping to the UK has three tiers: $15, $25, $35. So the more you spend, the more shipping you pay. Keep in mind your order may get stopped at customs too, so you may incur further charges. Whilst some may say this is pretty expensive (and it kind of is) considering how affordable the products, unfortunately that’s the way it is for us beauty lovers across the pond. But what I will say is that everything from the packaging to the formulas, are flawless. Completely worth it in my opinion.


In terms of delivery times, on average my orders were delivered within 7-10 days of the order date. But keeping in mind my first order was placed on the launch date of international shipping and my second was placed on the launch date of new products, so they may have taken a little longer due to these busy periods.



The Products you need to try


FYI: before I get into what I think are their must have products – I honestly think that the quality vs. the price is so mind blowing, that it’s been so hard to narrow down the 40 products (YES FORTY!) I have tried from the brand (wow, that’s actually a lot more than I realised I had, oops!) into just a teeny, tiny list of the absolute musts. But, here goes…





Eyeshadow in Supermodel ($5) is a soft golden ivory in a shimmery, pearlised finish, the perfect brightening shade for a subtle highlight in the inner corner of the eye and the brow bone. For a highlighter type shade this is incredibly smooth and once again highly pigmented, so you only need a tiny amount for a subtle sheen.


Eyeshadow in Sunset Blvd ($5) is a warm golden shade that I love to use all over the lid for a quick and easy everyday look that is going to give me a subtle wash of colour. If I want to deepen up the look a little I will sometimes use La La if I want that duo chrome type finish, or I will stick to using those slightly darker brown shades Smash and On the Rocks (more on the glitter side).


Eyeshadow in La La ($5) is a coppery-brown with a hint of pink, essentially it’s a rose gold in an ultra metallic finish that really packs a sheen to it. Highly pigmented so just one swipe is all you need and I like use this as a crease and outer corner shade, but it can easily be worn all over the lid too.  The best way to apply the shadows are with your fingers then go in with a fluffy brush to blend out the edges, but trust me, they are going to last all day. FYI, I do just like to prep my eyelids before application as mine are generally quite oily, without doing this, the shadows do crease slightly throughout the day.



Highlighter and Lipstick


Cheek Highlighter in Lunch Money ($8) is a soft light gold, perfect for lighter skin tones that will give you a natural, glowy sheen to the skin. The pigmentation is just phenomenal and the light, almost fluffy cream-like texture means that you can apply and blend so easily with just your fingers for a high coverage finish. If you want a more sheer finish I would recommend applying with a brush and a light hand. If you have medium toned skin or are slightly tanned, you may prefer to use Wisp, a golden champagne shade.


Lippie Stix in Cookie ($5) is a nude beigy-brown in a matte finish that for me is the perfect everyday nude. It makes my lips look more alive, but at the same time is nothing too deep, dark or bold. When I say it comes in a matte finish, whilst it looks mostly matte, it does still have a slight sheen to it, which therefore means it isn’t transfer proof, but is extremely comfortable to wear – it’s essentially like wearing a matte lipstick, just in twisty stick form. With a comfortable, creamy texture, it really does feel like there is nothing on your lips except a little balm. Obviously this means that the staying power is nothing like those of a liquid lipstick, but with these it’s all about how easy to wear they are, so I really don’t mind topping up with colour after meal time. If this isn’t matte enough for you in terms of the slight sheen and the lack of longevity, then their newest formula, matte x, may be more up your street.




Liquid Lipsticks

Ultra Satin Lip in Echo Park ($6) is yet another nude, but this time a peachy-brown nude in a satin matte finish. I prefer these to the ultra matte formula as I find them a lot more comfortable to wear and a lot less drying on the lips. With a satin finish, the liquid lipstick won’t completely dry down and set so it certainly isn’t transfer-proof but it is so comfortable to wear that it doesn’t at all feel heavy on the lips. I managed to get almost 6 hours of wear time from this before I needed to reapply, but this might be partly due to the fact that I eat every couple of hours and have Invisialign braces so I am constantly cleaning my teeth – if it weren’t for these things then they may last for even longer.

Ultra Metallic Lip in Lights Out ($6) is a soft gold matte metallic shade that I use as a lipstick topper and dab in the centre of my lips for a little highlight – I’m wearing it layered over Echo Park in the photos below. I’ve been obsessed this year with metallic lips and whilst this is the perfect topper for all year round, my fave this past summer has been the metallic shade in Flitter, a warm pink with gold shimmer on top. This just topped off every summer OOTD for me. I will definitely be revisiting this again in summer 2017, that’s for sure!

If you like the metallic look but don’t want a matte finish then Colourpop have also released some glossy metallics that you might like and I use two in particular as toppers. Speaking of which, these just also happen to be very similar in colour to my two fave matte metallics that I have just mentioned, so think of these as the glossy versions. My Jam, is warm golden nude gloss with silver and gold shimmer and Tight Fit, is a peachy pink with highlights of pink, silver and gold shimmer — highly pigmented, especially for glosses, these are packed full of colour and shine, but without being too sticky. I’ve been pleasantly surprised by these and I would totally wear these glossy metallics on their own too during the summer months.