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Revlon Ultra HD Matte Lips

It’s not surprising that yet another brand has jumped on the bandwagon that is liquid lipsticks…everyone seems to be giving it a go, and this certainly wasn’t a trend that I ever thought I would be loving, but I am. Having tried out the liquid lipstick formula of many brands now, I know what I am looking for when it comes to staying power and the way it feels on my lips. I’m definitely having a moment here with this trend so I thought I would keep going with it. The Ultra HD Matte Lip Color from Revlon has finally made its way over to us here in the UK, available in 8 shades for just £8.99, with it currently being on the 3 for 2 offer in Boots, making it one of the most affordable liquid lipsticks I own.


Seduction, a lovely nude
Devotion, rosy pink
Addiction, rosy-mauve plum shade


First of, I think the packaging is beautiful — simple yet great quality and very similar in design to the Hourglass glosses. But as far as the name of the product goes — Ultra HD Matte Lip Color — I think this is a little misleading, for two reasons. By using the word ‘matte’ I am expecting no shine and longevity, however what I got was shine and just your average staying power (for a true matte lipstick that is). This isn’t to say  it’s a bad product, as it’s not, but it isn’t exactly what it says it is either. Well, not exactly. Minus the part about it being matte, it is a lip colour, as described in the name. That bit they got right. But you may be thinking (and rightly so)…What type of lip colour is it? A balm? A gloss? A lipstick? That’s the second confusing part…but in my opinion it’s actually a little bit of a hybrid of all three, making it a great 3-in-1 product. I shall explain more — Upon application you feel the hydration you would get with a balm but with a hint of a gloss-like shine, all whilst getting the pigmentation you would expect with a lipstick. Pretty great, right?



For a hybrid product like this the pigmentation is great, with only one swipe of the product needed it easily tops that of a balm or gloss, but at the same time the coverage is buildable so you can intensify the look by adding a second layer. Whilst the gloss-like finish isn’t as much of an intense shine like a true gloss, there is definitely noticeable shine there that takes approx one hour to dry down to a demi-matte finish. This doesn’t ever completely set though like a true matte would, so expect some transferring. If you want a quicker way to matify this down, just simply blot, reapply, then blot again. It lasts between 3-5 hours on my lips with it staying put during a meal, but to last the whole day you will need to reapply. I did find each of the three shades to have a slightly different look and feel, with the nude shade being slightly glossier than the others with slightly less stay power. These are scented lip colours with mango and vanilla — reminding me slightly of the confectionary smell of the Kylie Lip Kits I have recently put to the test, only nowhere near as potent.


So whilst these aren’t truly matte, I am a fan. I just gotta figure which section of my make-up storage they should live in — balm, gloss or lipstick?!