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Kylie Jenner Lip Kits

Yes, I am one of those who caved and bought the Kylie Jenner Lip Kits. I wasn’t originally going to, but I did. My first thoughts were “Oh

My 6 month Invisalign update

As I am writing this the time is 11.45am and about an hour ago I left the orthodontist chair once again, having just finished my six month Invisalign

Goodbye Kitson

It's the end of an era and whilst cleaning out my wardrobe a couple of weeks back I found myself staring one of my possessions right in the face with fond memories,

Collection Primed and Ready

Something that the budget beauty market has seriously been lacking over the years, is an eyeshadow primer. So to see that Collection Cosmetics have recently launched a collection of primers, this

Homemade Nakd Bars

Finding snacks to eat throughout the day that are healthy but inexpensive are hard to come by. Having spent a short period of time chomping on Cliff bars

Is Lipstick your Warpaint?

Do you ever get sick of hearing that women wear make-up for other people...for men, for other women, for validation in society, to fit in, to make ourselves

Urban Decay x Gwen Stefani: Lipsticks

It's no surprise that Gwen Stefani has chosen, with the exception of one nude, all bold, vibrant lip colours. Launching 8 lipsticks in the collection (two shades being exclusively online