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Soap & Glory Sugar Crush Hand Duo

When I heard the news that Soap & Glory where going to be releasing some new additions to their Sugar Crush scented collection, I was beyond excited. This is definitely my favourite scent from their entire collection of bath and body products.



Sugar Crush Hand Cleansing Gel


The Sugar Crush Hand Cleansing Gel is scented with Sweet Lime and Vanilla so you get this delicious sweetness with bursts of citrus zest with a hint of grapefruit. The original hand sanitiser for me has just way over done it on the floral scent so much so that it smells very overpowering and chemically. I also found the original sanitiser very drying on my skin so I always had to have some hand cream nearby, whereas the formula of the Sugar Crush is not drying at all.



Sugar Crush Hand Food


The Sugar Crush Hand Food is a moisturising formula enriched with shea butter and macadamia oil. It’s non-greasy, non-sticky and melts into your skin. The scent is an exact match to the cleansing hand gel so it’s bursting with a fresh, sweet smell. Both are available from Boots for £2.50 each.