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New Haircare Routine: L’Oreal Extraordinary Clay

L’Oreal Paris have launched so many beautiful new products already this year that when I saw that they were just about to launch a brand new haircare range, I was left feeling spendy once again. I was a little skeptical though at first I will be honest, as whenever the same product is mentioned in YouTube video after YouTube video across all the bloggers that I follow, it can sometimes leave you wondering if something is really worth the hype, or simply just paid for advertorial. So I thought as it was on offer at a special bundle price in Boots at the time (and still is!) to just buy it and try it as that’s the only way I will ever know if it’s going to work for me. That’s what I did and I can tell you now that it was honestly money well spent. Unfortunately for me, it just means that I now have bottles upon bottles of shampoo in my bathroom, bought in bulk when on offer, that will no longer get used. Oops!


The new Extraordinary Clay haircare range from L’Oreal has been released with two things in mind, oily roots and dry ends, which I think is going to appeal to many as this is a common haircare problem that a lot of us suffer with. Yet it’s such a simple haircare problem to understand, that roots get oily and ends tend to dry out, yet it has never been catered for in just one haircare range. Usually when shopping the shelves for a shampoo I find I have to sacrifice one problem area in favour of treating another, so to see my perfect combination in one range is a heavenly feeling. The use of clay within these products, similarly to the effects of using clay face masks, is going to deep cleanse your hair and scalp. This haircare range consists of three easy steps: a Pre Shampoo Masque Treatment, Rebalancing Shampoo and Rebalancing Conditioner. The Extraordinary Clay Masque Pre Shampoo Treatment is a 5-min mask that is applied just to the roots that you massage into your scalp with your fingertips to deep cleanse those oily roots. Just beware that this can get a little messy as it is a duck-egg blue colour so be careful during application. It’s thick in consistency due to the clay so wash thoroughly before moving onto the next step. I tend to use this treatment mask just once or twice a month, instead of every wash or every other wash so I’m not going too overboard on the products. To follow, apply the Extraordinary Clay Rebalancing Shampoo just to your roots and mid-section of your hair. Finish by applying the Extraordinary Clay Rebalancing Conditioner to your ends for hydration.


From the first time I used these products I noticed that my hair had never felt so soft, silky and beautifully fragranced before. My hair felt so light, especially after using the mask, it honestly felt like a weight had been lifted, I had never felt my hair so cleansed before. Whilst these products haven’t prolonged my scalp from producing oils or decreased the number of times I wash my hair in a week, they have definitely reduced the appearance and severity of my oily roots. I only wash my hair twice a week anyways so I’m not sure I can get much better than that really, but I have seen incredible improvements in my day 2 and day 3 hair. As for improving dry ends, I guess the true test is when I am next sat in the hairdressers chair and she doesn’t pass a comment on how dry my hair is. In the meantime the overall appearance of my hair has improved as there is so much more life in it now, meaning it stands the test of time so much more than any other haircare routine I have had before. Bravo L’Oreal.