Cookie Recipes that you won’t be able to Resist

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I definitely have a sweet tooth so dessert is a necessary part of my life, but as I’m on a health kick I try to look for health-ier alternatives. I am still obsessed with my Protein Pancake recipe but eating them most days has gotten a tad boring now. Time to change things up and what better way to do that than with cookies. I LOVE COOKIES. Slightly crunchy on the outside but soft and chewy on the inside. Yum. So if you too are a crazy cookie lady like me then I am sharing my fave recipes. Warning: May include a treat or two!

The gluten free option. Madeleine Shaw’s Chocolate Chip Cookies have that perfect texture of slightly crunchy on the outside but soft on the inside that just melts in your mouth. The chocolate chips are the perfect accent that blend beautifully with the coconut base, giving me all the feels of eating a Bounty bar. I am drooling just thinking about them. Complete perfection.

The ‘free from’ everything option. These low carb Peanut Chocolate Chip Cookies are free from dairy, gluten, sugar and grains, making them super duper healthy. Contrary to what you might think these nutty cookies are actually really soft with just a subtle hint of nuttiness and are really easy to make. This recipe just ticks all the boxes for me.

The dairy free option. Now I love brownies as much as I love cookies so these Dairy Free Chocolate Brookies are the perfect hybrid: shaped like a cookie, but have the look and feel of a brownie. And let me tell you they taste like a bit of both, it is just heavenly and for zero extra calories you are getting a real 2-for-1. A great option for party planning or a family dinner as the recipe makes so many cookies…around 70 to be precise. So no need to worry there will be enough for seconds, thirds and probably even some for breakfast the morning after.

The ready to bake treat. If I ever get the cookie craving rather spontaneously than I can just reach into the freezer and grab one of the Millie’s Cookies Ready to Bake Cookies. Using the Millie’s Cookies recipe these are already pre-made into a dough mixture so all you need to do is just simply bake them in the oven for ten minutes or so. Job done. The perfect treat for a cheat day.

I could go for a cookie right about now…hhhmm…which one.