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My Burberry Eau Du Parfum

The My Burberry Eau De Parfum is something that I never thought I would like, however,  when it accidentally ended up in my possession, I of course had to try it.


Having walked past this fragrance recently in Heathrow Terminal 3, at the time I vaguely remembered that I had read somewhere that this was a fairly new release but I wasn’t at all bothered about trying it cos I already had a couple of perfumes that I wanted to buy. However, I was kindly given a free sample by John Lewis this week when making a purchase in-store and not only did I walk away with a grin on my face having bagged a free sample, this was a great free sample – the packaging is just divine – beautifully done in typical Burberry fashion.


The concept behind the scent was to capture London as “an urban garden” and to reflect the typical British weather, that fresh smell after it having rained. The scent is flowery with a subtle hint of fruit and earthiness.

When I first sprayed the perfume, I was struck with bright florals, then came the sweetness of the fruits and once dried it left a light and fresh flowery smell which I think is just beautiful. I love the concept behind the scent and once you spray it you really do smell all the stages of the concept.


I am now definitely considering purchasing the full size bottle.Have you sprayed this scent? What do you think?