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Kylie Jenner Lip Kits

Yes, I am one of those who caved and bought the Kylie Jenner Lip Kits. I wasn’t originally going to, but I did. My first thoughts were “Oh here we go again with yet another celebrity product launch” – $29 for a product that is an almost exact copy of similar shades from ColorPop. Nah. Not happening. What a rip off. But yet somehow, I got suckered into buying them: The exclusivity, the trill of the ride, seeing if you are one of the lucky ones to checkout fast enough. Then there’s the mystery surrounding the formula, is it actually good. Basically, curiosity got the better of me. Plus, when I started to think about it, $29 for a lip liner and a liquid lipstick isn’t actually a rip off. Considering that MAC liquid lipsticks are £21 and their lip liners are £12.50, you are getting a lot of product for your money. Having said that, I do feel that the idea of the Lip Kit itself being a liner/lipstick set is a bit gimmicky as I have never had an issue with getting precision from a liquid lipstick before. But in terms of the product you are getting for your money, I think it’s pretty good. The international shipping to the UK was an extra $20 which does make the product more expensive but as I was ordering four, I didn’t mind this extra charge. If I was only ordering one shade it would be a little different as it wouldn’t really be worth it once shipping is applied. I can also proudly say that my parcel got delivered to my door with no custom fees. Thank God.


The liners just glide onto the lips without having to apply much pressure at all and they don’t drag the lips either so application is super easy. They feel comfortable and creamy once on the lips with a surprising amount of pigmentation, enough so that you could just wear this all over your lips and you would be good to go. The liquid lipsticks take the word “liquid” to a whole other level as I was surprised at just how thin and liquidy the consistency actually was, so be careful when pulling the doe-foot applicator from the tube especially it the tube has no stopper to take away the excess product. A slight downside there. With strong pigmentation just one swipe of product is all you need, but don’t let the liquidy consistency fool you, it feels silky and velvety at first, but this dries down very fast (it’s completely set and budgeproof in about a minute) to an ultra matte finish, so precision is key. The scent is sweet like confectionary with a hint of vanilla, quite nostalgic for me as it reminds me of those marshmallow flumps that I used to see in sweet shops everywhere as a kid. It’s a scent that’s probably not going to be to everyone’s liking but this does disappear once the product dries down.


Posie K, a rosey-mauve
Koko K, a pink nude
Candy K, a rosey-brown nude
Dolce K, a browny-beige nude



Once the lipstick has set on your lips it is going to be transfer proof so it’s not going to budge no matter what you eat or drink (with the exception of some of those oily foods). As the stay power is so strong on these, it’s inevitable that these are going to be a slightly drying formula, I mean can we really see Kylie Jenner wasting precious hours of her day topping up her lipstick? These definitely aren’t the most drying liquid lipsticks out there though. Whilst I can admit they are slightly drying, in all honesty I found this quite manageable to wear on my lips all day. I made sure to apply lip balm before applying these to my lips and did the same after removing my make up at the end of the night. I did notice that after eating I did start to get that line around the inside of my lips where the colour had faded slightly and on those bolder shades, this is going to be more noticeable. So there was the need to touch up a couple of times to inject that fully pigmented and opaque look back into my lips. My advice to you if you are wearing these and the dryness gets too much, just apply a dab of lip balm to your lips. It will leave the product a little less transfer-proof but you will be giving your lips the hydration that they need. When it came to removing the product after a full day of wear, I found my usual nighttime skincare routine did the job perfectly (FYI, that’s the Liz Earle cleanse, tone and moisturise routine).


What do you think, all gimmick and hype or must have product?