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Kick Start your Confidence with these 3 Must Reads

Last year as we all know was kind of a shit show in more ways than one, but I’m not gonna lie, 2017 so far has been just as tough, hence the all too familiar radio silence here once again. So as a freelancer and blogger, I’ve for sure been in desperate need for a shot of confidence, a pinch of inspiration and a squeeze of consistency right about now. Whilst I think in life we don’t ever really get our shit together, as every day is an opportunity to grow, but after losing myself in these books I’ve learned a few important lessons. Cue the note taking…



Lesson No.1: Be Sure of Yourself

Capture your Style by Aimee Song


Do you ever feel like you want to just scrap your Instagram and start over? Whether it’s the algorithm change that’s got you down, or your inability to create a theme let alone stick to it, then you may need to take a step back and plan your next move. Plan being the key word here…“if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” So if you are wanting to take your Instagram seriously then there’s no better advice than that coming from someone who’s already been there, done that and got the double taps to prove she’s good on the gram. But rather than this being just like one of those “how I edit my Instagram photos” type of guides that focus on each individual photo edit, Aimee delivers us the bigger picture, starting with your mission statement. It’s simple, define your style and what you stand for, then make sure everything you gram fits within it. If the photo doesn’t work, don’t post it. It doesn’t mean you can’t post what you want, it just means make it you. Not only this, but she talks you through step-by-step the tools you need to ensure you strike #Instagold with your snaps, showing you her do’s and dont’s along the way. One thing she makes pretty clear: it’s all about the art of storytelling. Think of yourself as a stylist using colour, composition, angles, locations, props and your caption, to tell said story. If that ain’t reason enough already to fall in love with this guide, then there’s plenty of inspiration you can take from her stunning photography – beautifully styled with her inner confidence shining through at all times. #InstagramGoals



Lesson No.2: Give Less Fucks

The Life Changing Magic of not giving a F**k by Sarah Knight


In a world whereby the power of social media, the web and the media has turned us into oversharers, nosy neighbours and cyber stalkers with an opinion about everything, making others business our own too. You know the saying, “sharing is caring,” well with everyone having an opinion about everything these days, I think we can care a little too much. I think we all need to learn to give less f**ks! I already live by the motto: “tidy house, tidy mind” to keep my life organised and efficient, but, a valuable lesson this teaches you is that it runs much deeper than just your twice yearly wardrobe clear out, or your obsession with organising your kitchen cupboards. Whether it be things, work, friends or family, you can be wasting your precious time, energy and money on stuff that doesn’t matter to you. It’s about re-prioritising your life, helping you to figure out all those things you give a f**k about versus the things you don’t, implementing the “NotSorry” approach so you can life a happy, guilt-free life. So goodbye to worrying about what others think, especially all those strangers online or that jerk of a family member. Who cares?! When you realise that life is about choice not obligation, you can spend your time doing the things you love, so if you too have been feeling like life has defeated you, grab a copy of this and come back fighting!


Lesson No.3: Sit back and enjoy the ride

Love x Style x Life by Garance Dore


They say don’t judge a book by its cover. Well, it was actually the stunning cover on this one that drew me in, not really knowing what I was going to find as I turned the corner of every page. I’ve gotta admit that I didn’t even really know anything about the author either, so I was going into this completely blind yet with an open mind. As I began reading, it wasn’t long before I was reminded of a valuable lesson: we are all right where we need to be right now. We live and learn, growing with age so it’s just best to enjoy the ride. Along the way she pokes fun at herself too… “after an hour of yoga, I want to go have a cocktail” and “She is so cool, so much Frencher than me”…reminding myself to lighten up a little and not take life so seriously. Yes this book touches upon style, elegance and how to achieve both…I mean how could it not, after all it’s written by a Parisian woman living in NYC, but the main lesson you learn throughout is: confidence. It’s a woman’s secret weapon. So it’s with each and every word to be read you will find nothing but inspiration, words of wisdom and a damn good sense of humour that is for sure going to help you discover yourself and find a fresh new perspective.