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Is Lipstick your Warpaint?

Do you ever get sick of hearing that women wear make-up for other people…for men, for other women, for validation in society, to fit in, to make ourselves feel more secure? I certainly do, and couldn’t disagree more. Is it really realistic for anyone to have a poreless, flawless complexion in real life? The answer is simple: No. In a world full of editing, perfecting angles and getting that selfie lighting right, no one should feel like they have to strive for this “perfection”. Quite frankly, it doesn’t exist and therefore I have no reason to wear make-up to convince myself or anyone else that I am “perfect”.


Maybe during my early teen years when I suffered with acne and used make-up to cover it up, then I guess it would be accurate to say this was to make me feel better about myself, to look prettier, to feel more “normal” and to fit in. I mean, who really knows who they are at that age and feels comfortable in their own skin? Whilst I wouldn’t go back and tell my younger self not to wear make-up but my advice would be…”Everything is going to be okay cos believe it or not high school popularity doesn’t matter. You need to learn to love yourself, inside and out.” The latter advice, I am still working on – We all have ups and downs.


Now, my skin is clearer but certainly still has its problem areas. I have fair skin (so everything shows up on my skin), I suffer from redness around my nose, blackheads across my T-zone, a bluey-purple under-eye area and with all that going on, my freckles don’t always look so cute. I am clearly not perfect, but one thing I am focused on going forward is striving to be the best version of me, inside and outside. Make-up is part of this. As is fitness, nutrition, skincare, haircare, worrying less and having more fun.


The purpose of make-up is mostly seen for hiding this and that, but I see make-up as a way to express, experiment and enhance. Enhance what you already have, to be a better version of yourself, and to give you that added sass and confidence to tackle whatever obstacles you are facing in your life. Make-up is a woman’s warpaint. For me, it’s brows and lipstick. Filling in my brows, whilst they are rarely on fleek, they help define my face, and lipstick gives my face some much needed colour.


Warpaint isn’t just limited to make-up though. Even what’s underneath is warpaint, a nod to our strength and character. My dark under-eye circles, whilst not pleasant to look at, represent my active brain keeping me up all night – the ideas, the ambition, it’s my driving force. The slight bump on my nose, whilst I don’t like it, it’s my dads nose and it reminds me of him. As a kid, he used to trick me into thinking the bump on his nose came from picking his nose and getting his finger stuck up there (yes, my dad has a missing finger!). My fair skin has educated me about staying safe in the sun, so whilst I will never be a bronzed goddess, I have learnt to take care of my skin. My head and heart remain open and strong, something that only growing up with a disabled sister has taught me.


What’s your warpaint?