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Invisalign: 1 month on

I’m one month into my Invisalign journey now and even though I am wearing my aligners for 22 hours a day (well trying to, at least), sometimes it still feels slightly strange to be wearing braces once again. Some days I would just like to eat something without having to worry about finding a quiet spot to take them out, trying to keep my fingernails in tact in the process. Then after eating, it’s trying the slip them back in without anyone noticing.


Other days I struggle with the fact that my teeth ache, especially after having just changed aligners, but I can’t see any movement, leaving me to question is this even worth it. And sometimes I would just like to have a conversation with someone and not feel self conscious and paranoid that they are looking at my braces, thinking what the heck is that on her teeth!


These are the insecurities and issues I am currently feeling along this rollercoaster ride to a happy smile. Along with the bad, the excitement you feel when changing aligners is real. It’s that feeling of satisfaction and accomlishment you get when crossing something else off a check list – it feels awesome. I’m currently wearing set 3 out of 23 aligners and whilst I still have a long way to go, I am making progress. I will check in again soon.