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Cult Beauty Box: Anna and Lily Edition

When it comes to beauty boxes I must admit that I’m not completely sold on the concept — I’m not sure if the mystery and surprise factor is for me. If I’m going to part with my money, I want to know exactly what I’m going to be getting for my buck. Previously I have dabbled a little bit with the Birchbox, but only when it came to Selfridges in London towards the end of last last year, just purely for the reason that all the products on offer were out for you to see in a pick ‘n’ mix kinda style. In my mind beauty boxes are kind of like those value kits you can get in the likes of Sephora with the sticky label on the  front telling you the saving, based on the price of the products if they were sold separately. If I know that by buying a group of products together in one kit is going to get me a great saving then for me, the upfront cost is a great investment. This is exactly what Cult Beauty have achieved with this one time, limited edition beauty box.


The Cult Beauty box is in collaboration with the ultimate Blogger and Youtuber tag team of Lily Pebbles and Anna at ViviannaMakeup — Almost like twins, they read each others mind when it comes to things like beauty (and home decor too!) so it totally made sense for them to come together to offer us their top beauty picks. Everything from the packaging to the contents inside completely reflects their personalities, so it’s something you know they have worked hard on and haven’t just simply stuck their names on it. This gives me so much more confidence in purchasing a product, knowing that it has been born out of an authentic collaboration. Too many times nowadays do we see collabs left, right and centre just to make a quick buck, but this didn’t feel like that at all, quite the opposite actually — a natural progression, from #BeautyChatLive to their own Beauty Box — Well done girls!


Remember when I said I will invest when I know there’s a great saving? Well let me tell you that with this beauty box, the contents if bought separately would total £154.39 — this box gives you a 45% saving! You get two sample size products — including Sunday Riley’s Luna (£42.50) — and five(!) full size products — including the Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel (£29.50) and the Pixi Hydrating Milky Mist (£18). The value of just these three products alone top the price that you pay for the box — buying these three products separately would set you back £90 but yet the cost of the box is just £85. Standard shipping is also free of charge (yay!). What makes this deal even sweeter is that the contents are packaged up in this beautiful white and grey marbled box with gold foil writing — Totally my kinda style, as well as it clearly being a reflection of Lily and Anna’s too.  This box even got delivered to my door less than 24 hours after purchasing and I didn’t even choose the next day delivery option at checkout — It really is the gift that keeps on giving. It’s certainly worth every penny I paid, as the products included are some of the most luxurious and coveted out there. These are all new products to me with the exception of the Wet Brush, so I have given them a quick test…cue the first impressions.


Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel (£29.50) is Lily and Anna’s AM and PM holy grail, whereas I’ve always stayed loyal to the Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish (boring, I know for a blogger) — so I’m beyond excited to now be able to switch things up every now and again. I’ve read that many choose to use this when their skin tends to break out and generally in need of a little extra TLC — I can see why — this gel to oil cleanser is going to leave your skin feeling super soft after massaging it into your skin.


Sunday Riley’s Luna (sample size 15ml, worth £42.50) is something I have been scared to try: 1. the price tag and 2. I’ve heard it’s a blue oil with a fishy smell. Having been brave enough to give this a go the night I received the beauty box, I can report that whilst it is blue in colour, it didn’t turn my face blue and I also didn’t think it had a fishy smell — I would describe it more botanical with the smell and texture feeling a lot like the Liz Earle Superskin Concentrate. Applying this just before bedtime, you will wake up feeling like you have new skin.


Pixi Hydrating Milky Mist (£18) is a lightweight, hydrating mist that can be spritzed onto the face over the top of your make-up throughout the day whenever you need a little pick-me-up — a few spritz is all you will need to give your skin a quick hydration boost. I know that Lily keeps hers on her desk for convenience, so I may have to do the same too! The great thing about this product is you can also use this as part of your skincare routine as a toner before applying your moisturiser, so it can work just as well underneath your make-up as it can over the top of it.


Becca Blacklight Priming Filter (sample size 6ml, worth £6.40)  is one of those multi-purpose products that’s going to give you a glow from within. It can be worn underneath your make-up to smoothe and prime the skin, ensuring your make-up lasts all day whilst adding a subtle radiance. Alternatively it can also be worn on its own as a highlight giving a subtle sheen. As someone who suffers from a slightly oily t-zone I have always wondered how this product would wear on my skin…whenever I hear subtle glow I think to myself…”maybe for you but I will most likely look like a grease ball.” But I can proudly report that the glow really is a subtle sheen and it really does keep my make-up in place all day. If you have severe oily skin then this won’t be for you but I can just about get away with using this, having the need to just blot once throughout the day to keep the excess oil at bay.


Now I’m not a liquid eyeliner gal at all — I have sensitive eyes and not a steady enough hand to cater for this, nor the patience to sit there for hours on end trying to perfect the feline flick. However, I’ve heard great things about the Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner (£18) so now that I finally have one in my make up collection, it’s about time I practised.


Jade Facial Roller (£28) is the product you never thought you needed, until you have tried it out. I have to admit it has never been on my radar before so this wasn’t the product I was most thrilled to receive, but it’s actually a pretty genius idea. Made from real Jade and a tool used in Chinese medicine, these are cooling to the skin designed for use on the face to essentially roll out impurities — whether it be fine lines and wrinkles, puffiness around the eye area or clogged pores. Working from the outside in, these can also be soothing and calming if you suffer from frequent migranes and blocked sinuses, which I do. I hope this is the start to a much calmer, de-stressed me!


The Wet Brush (£11.99) is going to leave you saying goodbye to your Tangle Teezer — its going to handle your freshly washed hair way better, brushing through knots much easier, making it a pain free experience. Not as compact as the Tangle Teezer however — although they do sell a wide variety of styles and colours, I just haven’t gotten round to buying a travel sized one yet — so I do still use the Tangle Teezer for on-the-go purposes. But for dealing with my hair just after I’m done in the shower I’m fully converted to the Wet Brush.


The Anna and Lily Cult Beauty box is still available to purchase for £85 here.