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Collection Primed and Ready

Something that the budget beauty market has seriously been lacking over the years, is an eyeshadow primer. So to see that Collection Cosmetics have recently launched a collection of primers, this may well be the answer to my prayers. Let’s be real here, the only real reason we use primers, is to ensure our make-up stays in place all-day, everyday, and for us oily skinned gals, keep the the shine away too.



Mattifying Pore Minimiser


Collection’s Mattifying Pore Minimiser is a clear gel face primer with similar properties to Benefit’s porefessional, so if you are a fan of that, then you will love this – it is going to blur lines and smooth over any enlarged pores. With an oily t-zone, I can proudly report that this primer kept the shine completely away when using a matte foundation. Whilst it didn’t keep 100 percent of the shine away when using a more dewy foundation, it did a pretty good job of making the slight oiliness look more like a healthy, subtle glow, rather than actually looking like oily skin. Collection Cosmetics, having teamed up with skincare brand Witch for this product, have included the ingredient Witch Hazel which is going to help fight against blemishes – a feature that I think any woman will be thankful for. For the price point of just £4.99, I am seriously impressed, it is definitely a great budget dupe for Benefit’s Porefessional.



Illuminating & Reviving Eye Primer


Collection’s Illuminating & Reviving Eye Primer is a lightweight, non-sticky, cooling eye primer. It contains shimmery, pearlescent particles that are going to help brighten and open up your eye area, so yes, you can also use this underneath the eye to lock your concealer in place, as well as on the lid  – a great 2-in-1 there. Whilst it really does lock your eyeshadow in place for a full working day, with my naturally oily eyelids I am easily prone to creasing, and this product didn’t completely eradicate this problem for me. However it helped reduce the creasing down by a mile, to just one on each lid, just on the inner crease. For me, these results are worlds apart compared to using zero eyeshadow primer at all. It may not be as powerful as Urban Decay’s Primer Potion but again for the price point of just £4.99, you really can’t complain with the results.