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Balenciaga City Mini: First Impressions

Balenciaga is one of those brands I have had a love affair with for pretty much all of my youth so far, falling in love with their iconic and classic City bag. If we go back in time to the rise of celebrity culture and reality tv fame circa 2005, I noticed almost every celebrity running their errands around Hollywood, shopping on Melrose and Robertson, or dining at the Ivy with a Balenciaga in hand. But my love affair with the brand kicked up a couple of notches when I saw LC and her fellow gal pals rocking this bag in multiple episodes of The Hills throughout its tv reign. Their California chic style was everything I wanted at that time, so much so, that not long after the show began, the Balenciaga City become my first ever designer bag purchase. I felt so LC at the time. I just made one huge mistake: buying a light shade, a decision that I now regret to this day. Quickly becoming a high-maintenance disaster with a new stain appearing on it after every single wear, it has been retired to its dust bag and now lives in my loft as a nod to my younger, more naive days. You live and learn ‘ey. Since then I have always longed for another Balenciaga. It may have been one of the it bags a few moons ago but this iconic design, coupled with recent design tweaks means that it still stands strong today in my opinion. A classic, timeless wardrobe staple.


In deciding whether or not to take the plunge once again, I knew this time I wanted a classic colour, something that would be dirt-proof, stand the test of time and one that I would use everyday. Got to get your moneys worth, right? Gold hardware was a must, something that the recent design tweaks favoured, and right now I am all about the cute cross-body style so I knew right away which one was the bag of my dreams: The Balenciaga City Mini. The most important design tweak means that these bags are no longer made from lambskin but instead goatskin, making them way more durable. Perfect. That sold it for me. The bag comes with the signature zip pocket on the front with a mini mirror inside, which is great for those beauty obsessed or for someone who is always on-the-go. The bag also features a zip pocket on the inside for securely storing away your cards and keys. The main compartment may be small and you do have to ensure to only take what’s necessary, but it can still hold the essentials – phone, lipstick, lip balm, concealer and even my Olympus Pen(!). So far, I have been reaching for this almost everyday. It is a great multi-tasker too: perfect for wearing cross-body during the day for errands, but it also doubles up as an evening bag, either wearing over your shoulder or you can ditch the strap and carry over your arm. It is just perfect for almost any occasion. Money well spent I say.