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6 Ways to be More Productive and Get Sh*t Done

Freedom. It’s what I crave. So ever since leaving the world of the 9-5, no day has been the same. But with freedom comes an overwhelming amount of choice and an ever-changing schedule. I can sometimes be so deep into my work-from-home life that I don’t see the outside world for days on end. Then on the flip side, I can be working for a client who wants me on-site, so at the drop of a hat I have to adopt an entirely new schedule, most likely resulting in a neglected house and self, at times. With the constant back and forth, I’d almost forgotten how to develop a routine of my own that works. Don’t be fooled by the thought of absolute bliss from working from home – routine matters. It only took a moment, but armed with pages of notes and a new-found fire in my belly, I’ve found a hidden gem with this read, Little Black Book: A Toolkit For Working Women. It’s a steal for just under a fiver. FIVE POUNDS. If you haven’t given it read, then what are you waiting for, here’s what I’ve learned…



Get up an hour earlier


It may sound obvious, and one that’s most likely to be overlooked, but waking up an hour earlier gives you sixty extra minutes to get sh*t done. Not only that, but I must be right there with the rest of us that usually spend the first hour in bed either hitting the snooze button or going down the rabbit hole that is social media and it’s endless scrolling. So why not just get out of bed and do something? Which takes me nicely onto the next lesson…


Stay away from your phone


Just for the first hour, at least. It’s known as ‘power hour’ with the rule of creation before consumption. By putting yourself first, you can have your to-do list written, the day ahead planned and even your daily workout done before giving into that FOMO to check out what you’ve missed on the ‘gram.


Get dressed


Again it’s an obvious one, and yes, working from your bed in your pajamas does sound like the dream, but I’m here to tell you that it’s not. I’ve found that I’m much more productive throughout the day once I’m dressed, skincare routine done and have a little makeup on. It’s all about looking good so you’re feeling good, to put you in a positive mindset for the day ahead.



Exercise in the AM


Sometimes it’s a case of better late than never when it comes to exercise, but more often than not, I’m left feeling much better when it’s done and dusted asap. Nothing feels better than having that smug I’ve-nailed-life-and-its-only-9am face as you sit down at your desk knowing that others haven’t even managed breakfast yet. Not only you’re awake, but your metabolism is too and is already bruning calories. Win, win!


Time block


Don’t pressure yourself into working solidly all day, chances are you’ll just feel overwhelmed and you’ll get nowhere. Yet on the other hand, don’t give yourself the entire day to do just one task, as you’re likely to slack. Either way, you’ll only be left feeling shitty, rather than getting sh*t done. So instead, with a goal in mind, block out your day into two hour sections: 90-mins work, 30-min break.


Done is better than perfect


If you’re a perfectionist like me, then you’ll find it hard to mark anything as complete. You’ll know there’s always a better way of doing things or wording things and before you know it, you’ve just made the 124th tweak to the same piece of work. So give yourself a deadline and prioritise your workload so time spent reflects its importance. Then switch off. Don’t let your mind replay the situation over and over again.