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4 Must Have Products from Kat Von D

“Kat Von D’s Debenhams launch sends beauty sales soaring 43%” 

If you are not familiar with Kat Von D at all, she is that perfect blend of femme fatale and rock n roll. The bold red lip is her signature style with her love of ink giving her those edgy, badass vibes, met with her strong character and inner beauty is a combination that is so endearing. Her LA tattoo artist blood runs deep throughout her branding and it’s with this attention to detail in everything from the packaging design to the quality of the products that makes this brand faultless. But whilst the Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks are the most recognisable product with the Kat Von D name, she offers far more. I have to admit though that every time I’ve been in Sephora I’ve only ever walked away with yet more of her Everlasting Liquid Lipsticks.So now that Kat Von D has made it across the pond, I fought through the constant crowds of fellow eager beavers and thought it was about time that I opened my eyes up to more of her products. Here are the products that I think are the must haves from Kat Von D…



Liquid Lipstick


The most famous Kat Von D product of them all is this. Hands down. Once you try it, you will see why. This really was the product that stole our hearts in the first place and made us fall in love with not only this brand but Kat Von D herself. She’s a total badass girl boss. The formula of these matte liquid lipsticks are by far some of the most pigmented and long wearing I have ever seen. Creamy in texture, opaque with just one swipe and set within seconds, these are going to stay put all day long with minimal maintenance. If you apply first thing in the morning, it’s still going to be there after lunch, in the afternoon too with it naturally fading slightly towards the latter part of the day. To take this into the evening you will need to touch up, but generally speaking these last for a good 6-8 hours on the lips. With an array of shades to choose from they do still lean on the more bold side, but the couple of everyday nudes she has in Bow n Arrow and Lolita, you just can’t go wrong with these. So go on, have a swatch and you will find a shade that’s perfect for you.




Lock It Concealer


Boasting colour correcting and brightening capabilities, as well as the ability to cover blemishes, this really is the queen of multi-tasking concealers. This thick and creamy formula is heavy but not cakey, promising long lasting results that really do hold up, allowing you to go about your day without worrying about touch ups. I know for me, concealer is always the first of my makeup to disappear off my face throughout the day, so not having this worry is a relief. One piece of advice I will give with using this concealer is to prep the under eye area thoroughly before application, as a heavy duty wear product like this can be slightly drying. I apply this with a beauty blender making sure to set my under eye area almost straight away, one eye at a time, to lock it in place.


Tattoo Liner


Now I’m not a winged eyeliner type of gal, I’m not even that big on eyeliner at all. But, hear me out. I thought I would give this a mention as a lot of people swear by it, so many that the Tattoo Liner was in fact the best selling product on day one of the Kat Von D launch at Debenhams! Having swatched this on the back on my hand I can see why, the superfine nib makes it so easy to draw that super thin line that you can also build up with layers. I was so impressed by the swatches that they left me feeling inspired to actually apply eyeliner, and yes, I mean applying it to my actual eyelids! Needless to say I didn’t leave the house at all that day, but don’t worry eyeliner it’s not you, it’s me! My novice skills in eyeliner meant that the finished look was a little cray – I definitely need more practise, and maybe a miracle! – but it held up pretty good all day, it didn’t budge at all!




Light and Shade Palette


The eyeshadow palette. Being the complete contour novice that I am, I knew that one wasn’t for me. But the fact that neutral eyeshadows are my ride or die, I just can’t recommend this palette enough. It’s an all matte palette that’s been designed with everyone in mind, so the shades are cleverly divided into three quads: neutrals, cool tones and warm neutrals. To help you put together looks, the shades on the top row act as your base, with the three remaining shades in each quad from left to right acting as your transition, definition and highlight shades. Yet this doesn’t limit you at all, you can still move about the palette freely, meaning you can still get use out of every single shade. Don’t you just hate it when you buy a new eyeshadow palette where there’s those couple of shades you know you will never use. The shade range in this palette is so unique and different to all the others out there in the market yet it has everything you need, making this the only matte palette you need in your life. When do you ever see a jet black and a stark white eyeshadow together in the same palette? Yet it also includes that really beautiful toffee like shade that a lot of matte palettes fail to include. It’s literally perfect. These eyeshadow shades are perfect for multi-tasking too – you can use the black shade for eyeliner, the vanilla shade as an under eye setting powder, plus there’s a contour and blush type of shade too. The shadows are extremely smooth, pigmented, blendable and long-lasting – everything you should be looking for. But the one thing that has impressed me the most with this palette is how little these eyeshadows crease on oily eyelids, even without primer. If an eyeshadow can past the no primer, no crease test, then it’s a miracle for me. These shadows showed only the very minimal signs of creasing without primer even after a full day of wear – an eyeshadow primer is usually an everyday staple, so for me this is mind blowing!