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3 Things to Look for in a Beauty Box

It’s been a while since I’ve tried out a beauty box because in all honesty the beauty industry is saturated with them now with so many options available that it becomes harder to commit to one, but it’s also left me questioning if they are even worth it to begin with. I have high expectations when it comes to beauty boxes and I think generally speaking they are a hard nut to crack – it’s getting that balance right between offering you something new and value for money, where most fail. Too many times have I committed to a beauty box only to find that I am not getting my monies worth because all I’m left with is a bunch of products I won’t use.



New products to try. It’s not necessarily about brand new launches, it’s instead all about discovering things that are new to you. Whether it’s a brand you haven’t heard of before or maybe you have heard of the brand but for whatever reason haven’t gravitated towards their products, what matters here is that there is something new to try. This is an opportunity for you to broaden your beauty horizons by trying something new and who knows, you may just find a product that is going to wow you so much that it becomes an everyday essential.


A money saving opportunity. There’s usually a star buy included, it’s that stand out product if you like that is worth enough in value if bought separately that it pays for the cost of the box. The decision is then super easy to make as it becomes a no brainer – getting an entire beauty box for the price of just one item means that you get the star buy, and more! The star buy doesn’t always have to be a full size product though, they can be sample sizes too and still be worth it. If this is the case, it’s about calculating the value of the sample size based off of the full size retail price vs. the amount of product you get and whether or not that sample size still outweighs the cost of the box. Sometimes there isn’t just one star product, depending on the cost of the box there may be two or three generous products on offer, so a little more maths is required. But certainly don’t rule out a beauty box just by its cost until you have done the numbers. If you can see that a beauty box is worth it just from one or two of the products, then it doesn’t matter if you don’t end up liking them all or not using them all, as those star buys alone have already paid for the box. But also don’t just get sucked in when beauty boxes tell you that “this box is only £15 and it’s worth a whopping £75”. Make sure you can cover the cost with a couple of products you are guaranteed to use, or know that you have a friend in mind that you can pass items onto if you don’t use them. Beauty boxes do make for lovely gifts!


Those mini “travel size” products. Besides being really cute (please tell me I’m not the only one that thinks minis are totally adorable!), these are actually really useful when it comes to travelling. Whether you are a frequent flyer or not, trust me, they do come in handy. These can be great for packing in an overnight bag when you just need those beauty essentials like shampoo, shower gels etc, but they can also be really great for your in-flight beauty bag. Over time I have collected enough mini size products whether they are from beauty boxes, gift sets or even from beauty counter samples, that I can now keep a beauty bag in my drawer that’s all made up and ready for when I next travel, so I can just grab it and go. It sure does make packing a lot easier too!



The Tili Beauty Box


If you didn’t already know, Tili stands for Try It, Love It and it’s the newly launched beauty box from QVC. In fact, this beauty box is only the second one to be released and what first attracted me to it is that it isn’t a monthly subscription box, instead it is a stand alone box that is released every quarter. So there is no commitment on your part to keep up any payments or remembering to cancel if you just want to sample the box, and there certainly isn’t that overwhelming feeling of having so many new products to try on a monthly basis. It really is a no fuss beauty box.



What’s even better is the product offering. QVC are known for bringing to the UK those beauty brands that we love and adore but aren’t so accessible here – Tarte being one of those that immediately springs to mind. The fact that you also get to preview all the items that are on offer before the beauty box launches on their site to purchase, means that you are not going in blind. The £20 price tag includes shipping so there will also be no surprises at checkout either. Before purchasing you can work out if it is worth it to you and therefore make the purchase with confidence. There will be no moments of disappointment when you unwrap the box having spent your hard earned money on it and thinking to yourself, “is that it?”


Like I mentioned earlier with any beauty box you are looking for that star buy and this certainly delivers with a full size of Tarte’s newest mascara launch that retails for £22 on the QVC site, meaning this product alone covers the cost of the box. But at the same time it still gives you plenty of new products that I wouldn’t have otherwise thought to try – I am excited to try the moisturiser from Caudalie and isn’t the mini Amazing Grace by Philosophy just the cutest. With eight luxury products on offer, this beauty box really does tick all the boxes. The October Tili beauty box is available to buy from QVC for £20.