OOTD: Lets go to Vegas

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For me when it comes to travel it’s all about comfort, with an outfit resembling something in-between “model off-duty” and “I just woke up, rolled out of bed and was out the door in 5-mins”. Who am I kidding? This is totally on the latter end of the scale but whilst this may not be the most flattering outfit in the world, when you are waking up at 4am to travel 2+ hours to the airport, to catch a flight that is 10+ hours and arriving at a destination that has an 8-hour time difference, comfort is the way to go. A basic tee and leggings combo is just one of those easy to throw on outfits in little to no time at all. Just two conditions: the basic tee has to be a little baggy and the leggings must be high-waisted. This is the perfect outfit for a flight giving you plenty of room to prepare for jet bloat, stuffing your face with all the carbs and drinking a ton of water.  Just throw on an oversized, slouchy cardigan over the top to 1. act as a blanket on the plane to wrap yourself in and 2. to cover the multitude of sins and craziness you will feel underneath. Ok so the cardigan was a little bit overkill as soon as I hit the 40+ degree weather in Vegas, but it is a flight essential. Flats (slip ons specifically) are a must as airports always make you walk a long way, but also if required to remove your shoes by airport security for checks, you can easily slip them off (I wore pop socks underneath so my feet didn’t get dirty). I am currently obsessed with these Chanel dupes from ASOS…I had my eye on them for months but they were in stock, then out of stock, then back in again so it was great timing just before my flight. I had to have them. Onto accessories and a pair of sunglasses is going to once again hide a multitude of sins, especially my even worse than usual under-eye circles. To deter any attention away from my almost bare-faced skin, a bag in a bright, bold colour is perfect for finishing off the outfit — this Celine dupe from Kate Spade was something I picked up from Bicester Village (can’t remember the style) so I have found some similar ones below.